Monday, 26 November 2007

Fieldfares at Low Marishes

Found thousands of Fiedfare on Saturday in the fields all the way from the turn off for Marishes just north of Yedingham for 2-3 miles down the road. A few Rewing amongst them.

The dark conditions and the position of the car made pictures very difficult just a few very poor record shots of which these are just two examples.

Wasp Nest

Having had a small number of wasps in one of the bedrooms in the summer I sealed up a small crack between wall and ceiling. It ws evident we had wasps nesting in the roof space so I chose to wait until this time of year before I dealt with any nest, they were not doing us any harm.

Later we saw wasps entering the roof space at ridge level to the rear of the house, we do not have a garden so you do not get to see these things.

Come Saturday it was time to take a look. As soon as the roof hatch was up it was pretty evident. Having no experience of these things it was far bigger than expected.

The wasps themselves were a small type of wasp.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Snow Bunting

Traveling around the farm lanes at the back of West Ayton yesterday we came across this solitary Snow Bunting. As the crow flies it was to the rear of Wykeham Lakes where the excavations are getting close to the 'track' that leads you round towards Wykeham.

For the first time ever we were untypically faced with a car coming the other way and I did not see this little fellow again in the bright late sun.