Sunday, 30 January 2011

Busy time!

I face a busy month, my father-in-law is moving and I am decorating his new flat and assisting.

My course faces a conclusion, an assignment to be completed by March, a presentation to be done by March! Oh, why did I not get on with my assignment earlier.

Anyway one of my resolutions is to blog more (that's what a blogger should do), but be on notice I may struggle for the next four weeks.

So lets start with some I took earlier.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Moor Rainbow

A gloomy day last Sunday the one spot of brightness we encountered on our travels was on Wheeldale Road between Pickering and Whitby, North York Moors. I jumped out the car and grabbed these shots but not much more.

Only a couple of additions to our year list, Red Grouse including a fantastic male with bright red wattles and a Pintail at Scaling Dam.

I have added some distant Goosanders at Castle Howard Lake from two weeks ago, about six of these birds were present.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Great Northern Diver

Well its been around along time , I have been down to the harbour once or twice, seen the Iceland, seen the Merganser and now at last I have got myself the G N Diver.

There are some great pictures of this bird on the web , I had 30 minutes in my lunch hour, shots into the sun but I have seen it! Cracking bird.

Great big Diver I will be back soon, stick around.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Red Breasted Merganser

I popped down to Scarborough Harbour at lunch time in the hope of seeing the Red Breasted Merganser. Two birders by the lighthouse were looking for the Iceland Gull that has been about a few weeks, they told me that the Merganser was seen ten minutes before at the front of the harbour escaping the gulls.
They shouted as they spotted the Iceland but I made my way quickly to the harbour front and after a few minutes spotted the sawbill, a little distant, cloudy skies and into the light but worth the quick search.

I hope to see this bird again in better lighting.

Good size comparison!

silhouette in the light, dig the spikey crown!

Monday, 17 January 2011

From the office window!

The last two weekends have been very gloomy weather wise so not many pictures.

Looking out my office window this afternoon a flock of Starlings kept growing bigger and weaving their magic before dusk. They were over the  centre of town something I have not spotted before although we had a roost at Brompton 6 miles out of town a couple of years ago.

I had my camera as I was hoping a brighter lunch time might give me chance to get out to see what was about, something I am vowing to do this new year, work provided no chance today so the Starlings were a great bonus.

I only looked for two minutes, honest!!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Apple Fest

Pictures from Boxing Day one of the few times we had good light during Christmas week. I was there as a Fieldfare was present but very skitish and made off as soon as it detected me leaving me with just the Blackbirds. One day I will get close to a Fieldfare.

At least 18+ Blackbirds were present making hay on the fallen apples at the back of the local pub car park in our village. The number will have been considerably more in the vicinity.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Harbourside Turnstones

Whilst down at Scarborough harbour on Monday I spotted this Turnstone near to in very good light and could not resist a few shots.

We have  a good number of these birds resident and they are easy to picture as they are used to people and almost get under your feet, they are such characters though.

I also wanted to share one or two more shots of the Iceland Gull as it was great to get some good shots using the benefit of the light.   

Monday, 3 January 2011

No.48 Iceland Gull

A modest start to our birding year, after the 25 species along the lanes on New Years day we went to Top Hill Low yesterday and only increased to 43 species as a lot of the water was frozen, not one wader included.

Today we got to Scarborough Harbour and picked up the Iceland Gull that has been present the last four days. As usual I was a bit later than the other local bird photographers but the light was great.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Start to our Birding Year

We had a ride around some of the lanes near home today before returning to watch the football (well I did), after 8 species on our feeders at home we amassed a small total of 24 but the highlight was a Common Buzzard mobbed by two crows but then sitting on a distant telegraph post.

Shortly after there was a number of Fieldfare and Redwings in a field bathing and eating near the large puddles, the shots are for record purposes.