Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Variable Weather Days

I have been down to Scarborough's Harbour in my lunch break the last few days. A Red Necked Grebe has been showing well in thew harbour for a few days.

On Monday the weather was very grey and cloudy, gloomy light. No joy with the Red Necked Grebe but I did see the female Goldeneye that has been around for a fair while. There was a pair at first but I have not seen the male Goldeneye. I took a gloomy record shot. The RNG was no where to be seen although it was reported through the morning and again early and mid afternoon, charming.

Tuesday was glorious, no sign of the RNG, but I did catch up again with the Goldeneye this time in good light. Later reports said the RNG was just outside the harbour mouth mid afternoon.

Today the weather was cloudy, not so bad as Monday but not good. A look around revealed the Goleneye, again. Finally I found the RNG outside the harbour mouth, distant but a poor record shot is shown to confirm I finally engaged.

                               Monday's shot of the Goldeneye

Tuesday's shots of the female Goldeneye 

                                         Poor record of Red Necked Grebe beyond the harbour walls

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I have been updating my blog as I found a few broken links. Now you will find sections on Campaigning for Nature and Animal Welfare, Birding Info Sites, lots of Nature Conservancy sites, the Weather and Tides around Scarborough and more down the right hand side of my page.

Of course there are links to blogs I follow and other bird photography sites, I hope you will find the links a useful resource. I will be adding more soon.

Below are a few more pictures from my session with the Mediterranean Gulls, they show an adult bird (first two shots) and a first winter (third and fourth pictures).

Monday, 20 February 2012

Long Tailed Tits

We had a drive around yesterday, one destination was Wykeham Forest where I managed to capture these Long Tailed Tits from the road side flitting in the trees on the edge of the road, bit too distant and hand held but always very cute birds to see.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Gull frenzy

What's going on here?

A quick visit to Holbeck Hill, Scarborough known for its Mediterranean Gulls, last weekend, not great light and very little time. I will do this properly soon.

I quite like the Black Headed gulls coming down in layers like the paras. Maybe I prefer the coloured shot but I thought I would submit a black and white version.

The circled bird is an adult med, yes bread is playing its part drawing the birds in.

The adult med gull is plum centre in the last shot on that artistic table top (I mean waste bin top). I always think the meds are ferocious in the grab the bread stakes.

There will be plenty more shots of our meds soon, hopefully some decent ones in good light!

Original Black Headed Gulls

Black and white version of above.

Circled med, sorry about red blob

Centre stage adult med.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Friday lunch time at work I popped down to Scarborough harbour, it coincided with high tide and I hoped to see a few Purple Sandpipers, 61 reported recently on a harbour wall.

No Purple sandpipers but thanks to Steve Race (See blogs I follow) for pointing out a first winter Little Gull (header shot) and likewise Kittiwake. I think the Black Headed Gull is, well I know an immature, also first winter?

A day of firsts?

First winter Kittiwake

Adult Kittiwake

Black Headed Gull

The light was difficult with bright sun, time too short but it was great to see these birds.