Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Aldborough Beach

Pied Wagtail


Juvenille Herring Gull

Final postings from Suffolk. The photographs were taken the car of some birds on the shingle beach at Aldborough and the birds there.

It's great to find birds fairly close to hand and when you focus on them they immediately look sharp and the ridges of shingle behind are out of focus.

I like Pied Wagtails and there was some on the farm where we stayed at Iken. I think the bird pictured looks nice on the shingle beach.

It may seem strange but I usually end up disappointed with my Jackdaw shots, the birds eyes often look odd, however I am happy with these results and particularly like the pebble in the mouth of one bird.

I also liked the juvenille Herring Gull sitting on the top of a shingle bank with crashing surf in the wind behind.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Distant Views (& the near and far of it)

Two firsts on our recent trip to Suffolk.

Firstly within half an hour of arriving at Minsmere we had a Great Grey Shrike, a first for us so we were well pleased, a little too far off for pictures but good views in the scope.

The second first was a definite sighting of an otter. Think I have seen the tail end disappearing into the river before but this one was boldly walking where no man would up the mud flats of the Alde Estuary before submerging into the water. A little distant so the photos are record shots but really memorable.

On Dunwich Heath we came to a point where you can look into a clearing in the forest and lo and behold there was a magnificent stag sat sunning himself with a fine set of many point antlers. Again a record shot. On Dunwich Heath at this time of year you hear the stags bellowing and the crashing of antlers and if you are lucky views of the herd.

In the woods at Minsmere two sets of female and their calfs were sheltering in the trees eating acorns close to the public areas. Not in the least bothered by people, no doubt shying away from those males.

Muntjac also in this area.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Alde Estuary, Suffolk

Alde Estuary



Black Tailed Godwit

We have just had a lovely week at the above location stying in accommodation at the side of the estuary just below Snape. The weather was glorious although windy Wednesday and colder the back half of the week it was nice and bright and we only had occasional showers.

By far the best birding was on the doorstep only two or three minutes walk to the shore of the estuary. The first morning was foggy but very atmospheric with boats in the thick fog and the plaintiff calls of waders.

There was good numbers of Curlew and Redshank. There was a small number of Advocets and the numbers of Black tailed Godwit seemed to grow through the week.