Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Coal Tits

As detailed below I finally caught up with Coal Tits in good light and in the open. I took lots and lots of pictures and the results of some are pleasing.
Even in decent light some pictures under the canopy of the trees are dark and difficult, not enough light or too much but in the open the light was good and even for good shots.
Yes, I was slightly cheating the bird feeders are just out of shot.
I had a great hour taking pictures, the birds ate every single sunflower heart (I left some more seed for them).
I hope you like the results.
Merry Christmas to all visitors to my blog.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day here and I was able to get out for the first time in some while.
I have always wanted to get good shots of Coal Tits and never been successful until yesterday. They never stop still long enough for me, the light has never been right etc. Anyway I was very fortunate yesterday as there was a good number of birds at the High Moor Feeding Station in Wykeham Forest, I was on my own and so I was able to spend a good time photographing them and they will be the subject of my next posting.
On Saturday we had seen a good couple of hundred Fieldfare at the back of Snainton just up the road, looked for them Sunday no where to be seen. I was tempted to go back yesterday but I spent so long with the Coal Tits that I thought I had better return home before Sue & Len arrived for Christmas.
How lucky to see a flock of birds in the pasture in front of Bedale Grange Farm, I pulled up on the grass verge and moved over to the passenger seat to view a good number of Fieldfare. They were a bit distant but as good as I have managed to date with my camera lens. They are a favourite bird of mine and I hope to get closer still to them soon. I managed about twenty shots before they flew off to the far side of the pasture.