Wednesday, 28 May 2008


A few shots of a Hedgehog that I came accross at Long Lane, Filey where I had gone to see if any of todays sightings on the coast were still present early evening (7:00pm), Icterine and Subalpine Warblers, Red Backed Shrike, Red Brested Flycatcher. Unfortunately, non present at the time of my visit but the Hedgehog was nice to come accross.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Harwood Dale Miscellany

Chiff Chaff

Dingy Skipper

Poplar Hawk Moth

A walk in Harwood Dale today to the sound of Chiff Chaff all around us but I only actually saw three birds.

An Adder went straight across the path a few feet in front of us and lay motionless in the grass and vegetation at the side of the pathway. You could see its tail and mid parts well but its head was behind thicker vegetation. It looked quite long but not very fat.

A Dingy Skipper was on the pathway and Small Whites in the verge. At the end of the walk we saw a beautiful Poplar Hawk Moth on the barrier post.

Green veined White Butterfly

Taken in Newtondale Forest along one of the rides.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Danby Beacon

Finally got up to Danby Beacon early yesterday in hope of seeing the Dotterell a first for me. Only one problem _ _ _ _ _ . Missed out again.

Anyway I have marked the diary for the first week in May next year and the birds apparently visit on their migration route each year. This year they were relatively long stayers so I need to be faster out of the blocks next year.

Fortunately there was a compensation in a brilliant pair of Stonechats that seemed to like landing close below the trig point. The male bird liked to pose directly below and came closer to than the female but a great spectacle.

Also present nearby Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Red Grouse, Lapwing and Curlew.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Top Hill Ducks



Pictures of Gadwell and Shellduck on the South Marsh East at Top Hill Low.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Black Tern

First for us today a Black Tern at Top Hill Low seen from the North Hide on the 'D' Reservoir distant but nice to record a first sighting. Record shot only.

Top Hill was full of bird song and I was pleased to get shots of Sedge and Reed warblers.

The Sedge Warbler was taken in a shower and streaks of rain and a water droplet can be seen on the back of the birds neck. After hearing many Sedges it was nice to get one in the open.

The Reed Warblers are really elusive there are a lot at Top Hill but again you do not see them often. I like the siting of this bird in a tree with full of catkins although a little to distant. The birds were usually out of sight at the bottom of the reed bed on the few occasions they showed on a swaying reed stem they were away before I could focus.