Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Close encounter with cute aliens.

We had a strange encounter in darkest Kent, we discovered a family of Mink and went to see them several times as the young were so cute, typical youngsters climbing and falling a real delight.

Now I know this is controversial and that they shouldn't be here but that of course is man's fault.

The strange thing is the young had no fear, the parent we saw (keeping a respectful distance) just went about their business. But the youngsters were inquisitive standing on their hind legs to see who it was making a noise.

I have to admit we visited a few times but were careful not to disrupt, but the youngsters hadn't a care in the world, you could move the grass to view them which I thought to be very strange, that wild animals would grant you such access a real privilege.

I have to temper the above with the following extract from 'The Natural History of the British Isles by Mike & Peggy Briggs, Parragon Press'

the mink is a pest we could well do without, but will never be rid of. Beautiful as it is, it is also an indiscriminate wanton killer of wild birds, fish, small mammals and domestic poultry. The mink escaped from fur farms from the 1950's onwards and has thrived. With no natural predators, this great survivor has oustead the otter from many areas and devastated ground nesting birds, particularly in the Scottish Highlands and Islands'

Body 40cm, tail 20cm.
Parent below

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

RSPB Dungeness

We visited this reserve for the first time a week ago and as the brochure says its a little weird, great big open spaces at the end of nowhere. Great big shingle, vast area but I was surprised by the size of some of the areas of water.

A nice bright plant was the Yellow Horned Poppy.

This post contains no bird pictures from the day, I will put these in my next post.

The next bright sighting was a number of these lovely Mullein moth caterpillars
I think from the second hide we entered we heard a very close to Marsh Frog just to the rear and approaching steadily I managed shots of this beauty in a small nearby pool.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


We have just returned from a week in Kent a new county for us and an enjoyable weeks stay.

At a well known destination in the county we saw Peregrine falcon flying, we were high above on the cliffs and dropped down to see if I could get any flight shots. We did not see them again flying level with the cliff tops but from afar I saw one bird eating on a ledge, I did not have my converter so the shots are 500mm focal length, much zoomed and cropped. The vertical shot is to give a bit of perspective to the height of the cliff behind.

We then saw three falcons on a shoreline rock and I managed to get one flying out over the shore line, it gives an impression of scale against the sea.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fleeting picture shoot!

After a dire couple of weeks weather wise, Saturday was sunny, but cold.
We had a brief walk around Seamer tip pools and I snatched these shots of a Meadow Pipit. I then tried to get shots of the House Martins flying over the water at great speed, and was only moderately successful, the pictures needed more speed , I had to zoom in and crop quite dramatically, I need to go back and sit there for a few hours some time.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Black Tailed Skimer

A family visit on Saturday (great weather), a miserable Sunday first it drizzled but then it got heavier and havier throughout the day. So a few shots from a week ago of a female Black Tailed Skimmer.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Four Spot Chaser

I just love this dragonfly which looks bejewelled with the black triangles on its hind wings, they look so sparkly in bright sun light.

There was good numbers of this species at Messingham Sand Quarry on Sunday.