Monday, 28 September 2009

Scottish Blankety Blank

Half way up the beautiful Glen Roy

Wren at ISO1600!

Sorry, for the recent lack of posts but we have been away to the Scottish Highlands for a week.
Unfortunately, it was a very wet week and it prevented us getting to some of the places we hope. We had to mostly travel east 60 miles or so for fine weather, but the scenery is fantastic (my favourite place). Dalwhinnie Distillery was a nice diversion one day.

I had high hopes to see one or two of Scotland's special species, when ever we got the chance scouring the hill tops for a glimpse but we drew a blank, complete blank. Oh, we did see three Red Squirrels not being elusive in the tree tops but running across the road and sitting on fence posts.

I did manage this Wren shot nicely framed in the birch, can I call it a Scottish Wren!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

You never know _ _ _ _ _!

Yesterday was absolutely glorious here, temperature up to 27C, no wind, beautiful light but not too hot. No birding, a few small jobs to do.
Today was supposed to be cloudy, yes it was very cloudy, dark, light showers. Having set off originally for a walk, the weather slightly dampened our enthusiasm (whimps). Having ridden around a bit we find ourselves sat on Holbeck Car Park eating our lunch, it brightened slightly no birds around.

Having no bread Pat put out her Pork Pie crusts (not mine - no way) and a broken digestive. Fear not, having begun to get dejected and thinking of a blank weekend in come the Med Gulls which have been back a few weeks. Three adult birds and a second winter bird.

So I have a good time getting flight shots of these birds without even leaving the car. Just getting ready to go and we spot a Common Kestrel at the top of the hill quite close. I managed to get some shots before it flew off.

It just shows you never know what to expect.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Beach Babes

I became a beach bum yesterday firstly walking on the South Bay Beach at Bridlington where there was a few gulls the usual suspects. It was a really pleasant morning and after walking over some hefty (ish) streams to get nearer the waters edge we did see a lot of gulls in the distance but too far to walk to given the amount of time we had on our parking ticket.

Returning to the car we went down the coast to Fraisthorpe and whilst the gulls were there for a while more interesting was the Sand Martins flying low over the cliff tops. Down on the beach I was lucky enough to see two chicks in one nest hole, I thought this was quite late but they look as if they will fledge in the next week so hopefully they will migrate ok. Brilliant birds.