Sunday, 27 January 2008

Potteric Carr Bittern

A good visit to this reserve was capped by close sighting of a Bittern from the Piper Marsh Hide in nice golden mid afternoon light.

We arrived at the hide which was full but a few people immediately left and we were lucky enough to get a seat to the right hand side. I was content watching the Shovellers displaying and a gentleman said that a Bittern had been seen in the morning on the island to the front of the hide near some cut reeds.

Five minutes later and a chap from the left hand side of the hide says he can see a Bittern moving. Even those on my right can see it! Where is it, its closer than where I am looking and despite being at the back of the throng of onlookers at least I have a view of the bird moving out towards the open water and of course walking back before it gets too open. Cracking views, I know Bitterns are elusive and very difficult to see with their fantastic camouflage but they do get close to hides at Potteric and Minsmere.

Photgraphed at 500mm ISO800, 1/500 sec at f6.3,exposure compensation 1/3 little cropping required.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Scarborough Mere, Saturday 12 January

My best shots of Kingfisher to date albeit still distant. The pictures do show the distinctiveness of the electric blue flash down the back.

Also further shots of the Gadwell present and a female Tufted Duck close to hand.

All taken at very high ISO in poor light, again!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Little Grebe

Further posting from North Cave last Sunday of a Little Grebe reasonably close to the hide in very poor light late afternoon. I just like the circular ripples as seen in the first picture.

Monday, 7 January 2008

North Cave, YWT

A nice visit to North Cave yesterday in lovely bright weather for a change. Unfortunately, missed out on the Mealy Redpoll present. Did not see anything out of the ordinary other than a Bar Headed Goose (an escapee) a nice looking goose amongst the Greylags.

Pictures of Tree Sparrow in nice light. The rabbit was sat on the far side of a ditch and did not seem to mind people passing by duly obliging in washing its face.

Burton Riggs

A few shots of Siskins seen as the light was going on Saturday afternoon at Burton Riggs. A small flock of about 10 birds in classic pose feeding.

The dark pictures certainly reflect the time of day and atmosphere!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Mere

Series of pictures from a walkaround The Mere yesterday.

Uncanny how the Canada Geese can sweep in from afar for a piece of bread. Also pictures of Mute Swan and record shots of a pair of Gadwell present.

There was also a Sawbill but in very difficult sunlight at at distance I was not able to identifty the bird.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Cromer Point Wheatears

A comparison of the Desert and Northern Wheatears at Burniston from a few pictures taken on my recent visit. The shots of the Northern Wheatear were very distant for record purposes but the pictures highlight the differences between the two birds.