Sunday, 25 May 2008

Harwood Dale Miscellany

Chiff Chaff

Dingy Skipper

Poplar Hawk Moth

A walk in Harwood Dale today to the sound of Chiff Chaff all around us but I only actually saw three birds.

An Adder went straight across the path a few feet in front of us and lay motionless in the grass and vegetation at the side of the pathway. You could see its tail and mid parts well but its head was behind thicker vegetation. It looked quite long but not very fat.

A Dingy Skipper was on the pathway and Small Whites in the verge. At the end of the walk we saw a beautiful Poplar Hawk Moth on the barrier post.


Little Brown Job said...

Great shots of the Hawk Moth Mike.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Paul. I was lucky Pat found it on the post. At least it was stationary compared to our feathered friends! I like the shot from an angle where you can see the size of the body.