Sunday, 29 June 2008

Close to Home

Does my head look alright in this? (Sparrow Security System)

After a few weeks of no postings (due to DIY duties) Ithought I would show nshots of a member of a quite strong colony of House Sparrows at home.

For better view left click on picture and press F11.

The bird pictured emerged from its nest somewhere behind the mill stone over a garage door and then went into a nearby Buddleia bush swaying on the stems. It made for nice pictures in the bright light and I was fairly close to.

I am beginning to realise that I need to get closer to subjects, maybe a hide or camouflage suit is a good idea but seeing as nearly all my picture are taken on major reserves and walking with the wife not to practical. This is something I need to work on when you look at other sites and see the pictures are sometimes taken at full frame. How do they do that (I also been watching too much Peter Kaye)?

Hope you like the House Sparrow pictures, they look pretty sharp given the movement in the wind.


Snowbabies said...

Lovely shots of the Sparrows Mike!

We're seeing loads of Sparrows here two and plenty of young which is nice to see.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks for the comments Paul.

Some of the House Sparrows are going under the pantiles of neighbours houses and truly living up to their name.

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Mike,

I was able to take some lovely pictures of a female sparrow feeding two of her young which I took through my lounge window. I have a tray with sunflower seeds which is situated outside my lounge window, the female sparrow was taking some sunflower seeds and then fying up to her young and feeding them.