Monday, 8 March 2010

It's a beautiful day!

Yesterday was gorgeous even though the temperatures barely got above freezing. In the shade the frost remained all day. I don't ususlly show what a place looks like but here is a picture of 'D' resevoir, you can just see the top of the concrete wall, not pretty but they can hold lots of waterfowl.

There's also an 'O' resevoir, O shaped of course just as the 'D' is !!!

The distant dots are ducks, as record shots of Goldeneye show.

But Top Hill is lots more, North Marsh, South Marsh, Lagoons, woodland and Watton Barrow Pits which a hide overlooks a nature reserve in its own right. A lot of good conservation work is going on with a new pool created in the woodland where they have introduced a bird feeding station.

Work has been done creating a nesting site for Kingfisher, plenty of branches in the water for perching and a big brand new hide for us to _ _ perch in. However about half hour only produced this big bird!

We had a fantastic day although the birds were distant, all I got was this tufty!


Anonymous said...

Mike, I always think that both the male and female Goldeneye have nice markings and are just as colourful as each other. Unusual in any species.

Michael Flowers said...

Was the visitor centre open? Just wondered if you tried for Woodcock & Brambling?

Chris said...

Hi Mike,
It is sometime very nice to have so sunny day even if the birds are distant. You got a nice picture of goldeneye and tufted duck so i guess it is still fine ;-) Soon the sunny days will be there every day ;-)

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy, Michael & Chris.
I agree Roy both sexes of Goldeneye are lovely.
Saw a male & female Brambling actually on floor under feeders from visitor centre but again the Woodcock missing for us.
Cannot beat the day for weather, cold but so bright Chris, not sure if Britain is good for photography many days a year!

It's Time to Live said...

Thanks for the stroll through your blog and life.