Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Close encounter with cute aliens.

We had a strange encounter in darkest Kent, we discovered a family of Mink and went to see them several times as the young were so cute, typical youngsters climbing and falling a real delight.

Now I know this is controversial and that they shouldn't be here but that of course is man's fault.

The strange thing is the young had no fear, the parent we saw (keeping a respectful distance) just went about their business. But the youngsters were inquisitive standing on their hind legs to see who it was making a noise.

I have to admit we visited a few times but were careful not to disrupt, but the youngsters hadn't a care in the world, you could move the grass to view them which I thought to be very strange, that wild animals would grant you such access a real privilege.

I have to temper the above with the following extract from 'The Natural History of the British Isles by Mike & Peggy Briggs, Parragon Press'

the mink is a pest we could well do without, but will never be rid of. Beautiful as it is, it is also an indiscriminate wanton killer of wild birds, fish, small mammals and domestic poultry. The mink escaped from fur farms from the 1950's onwards and has thrived. With no natural predators, this great survivor has oustead the otter from many areas and devastated ground nesting birds, particularly in the Scottish Highlands and Islands'

Body 40cm, tail 20cm.
Parent below


Chris said...

HI Mike,
What a beauty it is... I know it is not in its natural environment just as over here, but still it is not its fault ;-) You got nice shots of it... I've never seen it over here although we have it!

Bob Bushell said...

Good pics Mike,even with the Minx.

JRandSue said...

Fantastic capture,nice one Mike.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

How delightful a visit and such cute little creatures. I have always loved their natural colouration and of course I like seeing the mink fur on the mink creature as well~

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks for your comments Chris, Bob, John & Mary. Very nice to see so close up.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the Warblers.
Sorry Mike the only good Mink is a dead one. My only hope is those misguided idiots that released them into the wild reincarnate as water voles.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy, I agree, but also the fur farmers need to be on the receiving end!

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