Monday, 24 September 2012

Strange Musings!

On Saturday we visited Filey Dams briefly on a beautiful September day.

When we got home Pat was getting the washing in (yep, not me) when she saw a a rainbow forming a part circle in the ground. The effect had faded a little by the time I got a camera and removed a telephoto lens but I hope you see what I mean. Something I have never seen before.

I was trying out my new Canon 400mm 5.6f lens, I mean to get a 1.4 extender but in the meantime I am trying the lens, it's hard to get used to a fixed prime lens after my Sigma zoom lens. I have a lot to learn. Anyway, this common darter at the end of my Canon lens looks quite sharp in the body, I know the wings are out of focus.

I tried photographing some hovering Migrant Hawkers, they looked great in the LCD, colours right etc. On the computer less so, obviously zoomed in and cropped but the colours look burnt out too.

My blog aims to show my photographic success (as and when) and the traps and pit falls I encounter.
All comments welcomed.


Roy said...

Instead of 5.6 Mike have you tried turning it down to f8. The excess light may be due to too wide an aperture. Alternatively you could try under exposing by a third.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, I would be more than happy with the flying Migrant Hawker photo :-) By the way I think the upside down rainbow is a 'circumzenithal arc'.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks for your comments chaps.

Roy, you are absolutely right, I am not used to any of my gear now and the images looked decent on the LCD, but then they often do.

Wold Ranger (sorry I do not know your name), thanks for your kind comments, I will google 'circumzenithal arc now.

Unknown said...

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