Sunday, 8 February 2009

Flamborough Light

We had a very nice trip to Flamborough today, the weather was very bright but cold.

Initially we spent time at the headland by the lighthouse, I have posted a picture showing the landmark so you can see the blue sky we enjoyed today. This was taken with my 20D of which I have still never cleaned the sensor, wanting to delay this as long as possible. If you care to view the larger image you will clearly see the dust on the sensor. It shows the worst problem of the earlier DSLR cameras. I will get around to cleaning mine soon but I try not to change lens too much with my 40D even with the automatic sensor cleaner.

A couple said a Short Eared Owl had been flying around fields near the cliff top but we saw no sign.

On the headland we saw a pair of Stonechat, invariably difficult to picture into the sun.

Moving on after lunch to South Landing I got out the car at the car park to 5 or 6 Bullfinch in a tree. Males were showing prominently but I just could not focus before they flew off. Actually I could not located them through the viewfinder. One day I will get some reasonable shots.

We then walked on the path through the trees to the cliff top and back. The paths were treacherously icy and the light got greyer but on the return trip it brighten slightly and I was rewarded with a Treecreeper showing well and in reasonable range.


Anonymous said...

Superb shots of the Treecreeper.
What photo software do you use, as you should be able to remove those dust spots easily.?

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy.
I still use an early version of photoshop elements.
I have removed dust particles before but found it time consuming, and I was capable of making areas where I had done so a mess! I think I need to practice the technique once I have cleaned the sensor to reduce the problem.

Little Brown Job said...

Lovely shots of the Tree Creeper Mike. Dust should be a banned substance!


Lynmiranda said...

Lovely pictures of the Tree Creeper, Mike. I managed to get a picture of one myself today at RSPB nature reserve, Arne. Although mine is spot the Tree Creeper on the Oak tree. I was nearly breaking my neck trying to get a pictur of the bird as it move along a branch above me :-)

Chris said...

Woow Mike,
These tree creepers are so hard to get into your box!! Well done... Very nice pictures of it and beautiful attitudes too... I love them!!!

Ibex said...

Wonderfull pictures of this little bird so difficult to have pictures. We call it grimpereau in french. he's really nice