Sunday, 26 April 2009

Shopping Trip

No birding today as we have family visiting, it is a beautiful morning in Scarborough.

A strange experience yesterday. I never thought I would be outside IKEA waiting for it to open! I never thought about it but we planned to go to IKEA and then birding, the store does not open until 10.00am so we joined the crowd outside at 9:50 for a short wait. Get inside and the tannoy announces from 2 May they will open at 9:00.

We then went to Fairburn Ings on a glorious day, we had one heavy down pour whilst in a hide but the sun then came out again.

At the side of Cut Hide a Grey Heron was very close but behind blowing Willow. These were my best shots, zoomed and cropped a bit. Typically I could not focus when a decent sized fish hung from its bill, I tried all focusing methods, manual, spot, partial, centre weighted average, etc.


Chris said...

Hi Mike,
Funny attitude for a birder to wait in front of IKEA. Did you get any ird sighting there ;-)
These shot of grey heron are cool and sharp. I never managed to get one shot of this guy, even in France.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Unusual to get one so close to the hide but the blowing vegetation made it very frustrating.

2tins Paul said...

Hi Mike,very good close-up shots of the Heron, like the sharpness,Paul & Jill

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks for your comments Paul & Jill. Hope you are getting some good birding this Spring.