Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Thundering In

A few more pictures from Radipole of a Mute Swan that flew in straight at where we stood on the board walk at the side of open water.
Totally fearless the swan, the humans unsure whether it would take us out. The Swan of course judged it to perfection pulling up immediately at the side of the timber walk way.

Also stills of a head shot of another Mute Swan present.


Chris said...

Hi Mike,
Wow the first shots of the landing are very impressive. Well this is not a small guy but the angle of the pictures increased the feeling very much. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Superb approach shots Mike.

Little Brown Job said...

Love that first shot, looks like you're going to get taken out.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Paul, it certainly felt that way.