Sunday, 19 July 2009

Alnmouth Beach - Common Terns

Last Tuesday whilst on holiday we had a slight change from birding to visit Cragside one of our favourites properties.

After a walk in the morning to the lakes, Nelly's Moss North & South we went to look around the house in the afternoon. The property was very busy though and the queses of slow moving people reminded us why we are not so keen these days, give me a quiet beach or reserve anytime.

So we moved onto the coast and parked on the beach car park at Alnmouth after an ice cream I could see Terns diving on the shore line and rushed with the camera to see what was happening.

Terns were fishing on the shore line catching Sand Eels in the kelp at the waters edge, fantastic luck. The first picture gives an idea of the scene, I took lots of shots from a wonderful opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Terns are never the easiest of birds to photograph Mike, but you have been very successful in this and the last post.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy. It was a glorious opportunity and I am not sure I have done it justice. The beach shot at f9 worked quite well with reasonable sharpness for 6 terns.