Friday, 13 November 2009

Mereshead RSPB

Barnacle Geese

Pink Footed Goose

Pink Footed Fly Over

Last Sunday after the wet Saturday we set off reasonably early from Dumfries 15 miles south west to Mereshead. Arriving at 8:15am it was a cracking morning, beautiful low (a bit difficult) sunlight.
We seemed to be the first there and hundreds of Barnacle Geese were in the field over the hedge from the car park, more geese were landing all the time. A bit distant for my lens but a great sight.
We managed to visit the two wetland hides in our two and a half hours on the reserve. It's a great place we could not stay long as we had to travel home but we hope to be back soon.
A couple of times hundreds of Barnacle Geese took to the air, by the time we left they were in a field nearer to the coastline. The visitor centre estimate was of 12,000+ Barnacle Geese on the reserve I think it said second highest count, not sure if that's ever. I managed a few shots as they went overhead.
Plenty of Fieldfare around eating on berry bushes but they moved off at every approach!
If you want to see Barnacle Geese visit this coast between October to March to see where the whole population of Svalbard Barnacle Geese winter.


Roy said...

Beautiful shots of the geese Mike. It must be great to see so many Barnacle in flight.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy, a terrific sight, the noise is very loud of hundreds of flapping birds getting airbourne.

The Early Birder said...

Fabulous sight Mike & somewhere I must try to visit. Looking forward to 000's of Pink-foots in Norfolk next week. FAB.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

It's hard to beat hundreds of geese Frank. Hope to get to the North Norfolk Coast for the Geese again before long.

Chris said...

Hi Mike,
Well now, I know where they are and maybe I should stop to look for them over here! Beautiful shots....