Sunday, 30 May 2010

Willow Warbler

We had a second visit to Messingham Sand Quarry in just over a fortnight due to a family visit to Scunthorpe (more of that later).

The cold weather continues and when we first arrived the skies were black and we stayed in the car whilst we had a heavy shower which turned to sizable hail. We then set off and got only two hundred yards when it started again and we retreated to the car and decided to have lunch early. Whilst there it cleared and a Willow Warbler flew highish into the adjacent tree allowing me to get some shots, so this was an advantage over the last visit when we heard Willow Warblers everywhere but could not see them.

More of this visit later, we were down to Scunthorpe again so soon as Pat's son and partner Pauline have just had a little girl our first grandchild, she's a little beauty!

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