Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes)

I had Friday afternoon off, yep again, I was using up the last of some of my leave.

I visited Filey Dams YWT and spent a great couple of hours photographing the local Wrens of which there seemed to be a good number. Initially they came to my notice calling in that oh so loud voice for their size. For those who know the site I was by main hide at the viewing screen. I moved over to where a farm gate gives access to the site and a couple of Wrens were present but it was a tad dark in that corner.

I made my way down to East hide and wrens were calling loudly, I then noticed a wren on the board walk, on the railings and going beneath the actual board walk. At one point this bird went through the 'chicken wire over the boards to make it non slip' and below the planking.

What goes through a hole like this!

Clearer view up top!

After that I watched Wrens flitting around the decking, on the board walk rails, amongst the cuttings where willows had been coppiced, at the base of last years reeds, etc. What I was really after was to capture a Wren on the Willow stems, out in the open.

Finally I got the picture I was after and I hope you like the result.

Wrens are real little gems, I saw a Wren the other week close to, real bright and chestnut colour, maybe a fairly young bird, young birds are an even warmer colouring, but they do make you think how beautiful. Who says brown birds are drab!

Wrens are usually found in low shrubs or rank herbage , close to ground level where they forage for insects and spiders, creeping and flitting amongst the stems. They nest in a dome of leaves and grass in a crevice, close to the ground, lined with moss and hair. they lay 5 - 8 eggs. The colony at Filey Dams seem to my ignorant mind to be thriving.


John said...

Lovely photos of little Jenny! One of the few birds that I can remember its latin name!

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks John. Yes, there's something about that name, the other one I remember is my old football game, subutteo subutteo.

Linda Yarrow said...

Lovely pictures of the Wren Mike. It is their powerful singing that fascinates me, for such a tiny bird they can certainly belt out a song:-)

Roy said...

Brilliant shots Mike, they are never easy and very quick to duck down in amongst the scrub. Getting them in the open is very difficult normally.

Friend of HK said...

What a cute little bird!

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Hi Linda - they can certainly belt it out!

Thanks Roy, constantly flitting about.

A lovely bird Friend of HK