Saturday, 14 April 2012

Drumming it home

This morning the weather was pretty poor with heavy rain shower. this afternoon much brighter with showers and hail storms.

New birds for the year today were Swallow and Willow Warbler. A number of the later birds were calling at Burton Riggs YWT on the outskirts of Eastfield, Scarborough.

A Willow Warbler was close but by the time I focussed but all I got was yellow/green foilage, the same colour as this lovely warbler.

I have therefore posted a few shots of a Great Spotted Woodpecker taken a couple of weeks ago.
For Uk residents can I also endorse my work colleague Shaun's sentiments as below, I lost my Director and friend of 22 years Richard to a brain tumor last May and my sister-in-law Susan suffered one too, but fortunately made a full recovery. Now I love a pasty but for god's sake let's get our priorities right.

'So far, in just a couple of weeks, over 200,000 people have been moved enough to sign a petition against the "pasty tax" which will put a few pence on the cost of a sausage roll. Meanwhile, in 10 months, 10,095 people have signed the petition to increase the funding of brain tumour research. Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of UK children. 16,000 people each year in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour. More people under 40 die of a brain tumour than from any other cancer.
If you only have time to sign one petition this year please choose the right one.

I have just read this site is down for maintenance until 16 April, please come back and vote, every one counts!


Marc Heath said...

Great couple of shots.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Cheers Marc.

Linda Yarrow said...

A great Spotted Woodpecker was on my nutfeeder this morning, hopefully we will soon have some juveniles visiting our garden as they have done in the last two years.

Roy said...

Nicely captured Mike in a typical and natural position.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

You are so lucky Linda, we have no garden just feeders hanging on our sheds so will not get a GS Woody.

Cheers Roy, great position on the tree on the edge of the car park!

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