Monday, 18 August 2008

Ah! Grasshoppers (Apparently)

Seen on our walk in Langdale Forest yesterday along a footpath which seemed to be moving with these little fellows and a few froglets.

Crickets or Grasshoppers I am not sure yet I still need to consult our books but would appreciate any comments.

There was some more species but very small and green, nicely blending with the grass. I think I need a macro lens!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

The crickets are grasshoppers (much shorter antennae.) Just out of interest, the Common Darters are a Ruddy Darters.



Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks John for your comments.
I still need to refer to my field guides as the processing and posting of my pictures from Sunday is taking an age.
I need a specialist Dragonfly/Damselfly guide, I rather assumed Common Darter, I hope the differences are subtle!