Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Great Black Backed Gull

Yesterday we had a walk between Rooks Lane, Burniston and the Long Nab Observation Station, now an Observation post for Scarborough Birders formerly the Scarborough Ornithological Society in search of the Marsh Harriers that had been present in the area for 4 or 5 days.

No joy with the cream crowns (Marsh Harriers) a pair of Kestrel are present in the area and worthy of a return in good light. Yesterday was'nt good light, what a surprise!

Gulls were holding up well in the breeze though over the cliff tops and I was delighted to see these Great Black Backed Gulls in flight.

Gulls I find very difficult particularly though the years to adulthood. Reading the field guide and viewing the photos though I seem to have caught the white wing tips which is diagnostic of the Gt. Black Backed.

Today we have been to Fairburn Ings, nothing out of the ordinary to see, still very nice but we had hoped for the Black Necked Grebe that has been present recently spurning the one at Scaling Dam, Danby as the forecast was for possible rain to the North. Of course no Black Necked Grebe at Fairburn at least for our eyes, I bet the same species was showing gloriously at Danby! And guess what, a Marsh Harrier flew past Lin Dyke Hide at Fairburn when there was only me and Pat there. It's all pot luck really.


Roy said...

Hi Mike,

I know what you mean about Gulls they are a discipline all of their own and notoriously difficult to ID.
I am sure that is a Great Black Backed because of the extra white tips to the wings, as opposed to the Lesser.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Roy.
After a few years birding I am just getting to grips with the summer adult birds (when it's obvious) never mind the immatures and seasonal differences.
Hopefully I am a slow learner although I sometimes think I forget as much as I learn (must be an age thing)!