Sunday, 17 August 2008

Young Kestrel

We had a short walk mid morning yesterday in Wykeham Forest after getting rid of some bird seed and bread at the High Moor Feeding Station.

Not a lot to be seen but is autumn beckoning? A lot of the flowers and plants I would expect to see are dead and black has all the rain caused this? The silver birch tree leaves are turning yellow and were blowing off in the breeze. Where was summer.

Nothing seen other than this young Kestrel high on some telegraph wires, rather distant and in poor ligh but the magic of digital photography can work wonders.

ISO varied from 1600 to 1000 to 800 so Neat Image was employed to remove noise from the pictures in order to get something half decent.

I am desperate to be out in decent sunlight.


Tricia said...

Mike - great pictures - that young Kestrel really looks the biz!

Know what you mean about high ISO - seems mine is currently on 800 or higher!!

I do believe Autumn is evident - in fact mentioned the same thought on my blog today.

Decent sunlight - oh yes please!

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Mike,

Lovely Pictures of the young Kestrel. I think the quote from Shakespeare should be 'Now is the Summer of our discontent' I am also seeing signs of Autumn, the leaves on the Chestnut trees are turning brown here in the South.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks for your comments Tricia and Lyn.