Monday, 10 March 2008

Mediterranean Gulls

Mediterranean Gulls

Black Headed Gull

Ended up at Holbeck yesterday and was well pleased I took up Dave Mansell's recommendation to see the adult birds in close to summer plumage.

Started talking to a fellow photographer and the conversation turned to RAW v JPEG and lo and behold it's Darrell Prest who leaves messages on Dave's Blog. Nice to meet you Darrell. a link to Darrel's site has been entered under Green Withens Birding.

What a fine bird the Med Gull is, it has made me realise I need to gen up on gulls especially given where I live!

Thrown in the Blackheaded Gull to show the contrast in some birds at present, this particular BHG obviously without it's chocolate coloured hood.
A few flight shots were ok, hope to try a few more during my remaining time off this week, weather permitting. Anyone know how to erase bread!

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darrell j prest said...

great to to meet you mike,
good luck with the 40d its a beast.