Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dorset in reverse part 3 _ _ _ _ _Sikas & Starlings!

Moving back through our week in Dorset, we visited Arne RSPB on Monday 28 March. always a great place, a lovely sunny day we missed any birding highlights, no Dartford Warblers (it was a bit windy), no Great Grey Shrike that was certainly seen the next day, nothing much really but plenty of Green & Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

A highlight was the Sika deer with a buck peering out of a very small clearing at us, followed by the family group. In a meadow there was a load of Sika's and two bucks had a testing tussle. For the first time I noticed a flock of starlings with the deer, some were on the backs of the deers but most were on the ground, do the deer disturb insects for them to feed on?

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Roy said...

A superb set of images Mike and a great new header.
Arne is a great place to visit any time.