Sunday, 3 April 2011

My birding week (in Dorset) in reverse.

We have just got back from Dorset and i have decided to work backwards back through the week! Why well primarily on our last day, Thursday I got some closer shots of a Chiffchaff to contrast with the more distant location shots of this bird in my last post.

On Thursday we traveled down to Durlston Country Park near Swanage where the day before Firecrest and Black Redstatrt had been seen. We got out the car had a coffee, got our boots and coats on and set off and then turned back, the mist was thick, it was windy and cold we were not going to find anything.

We traveled back to Wareham Forest where it was cloudy but brighter and went on the 'Sika Trail', so far into the walk it brightened a bit, to the edge of the walk was a small copse of trees in a wet swampy area, here we saw Siskins, Long Tailed Tits, Chaffinch, Green Finch, Gold Finch, a pair of Wrens, Tree Creepers and a quite confiding Chiffchaff that kept flying low down and even on the ground once or twice, not great light but quite a nice photographic opportunity.


Roy said...

Lovely shots Mike,
I still have not had a clear view of one yet this Spring to get a photograph.

Frank said...

Good work Mike. My sightings have all been far too high overhead so far.

Chris said...

Beautiful set Mike. I love the beautiful background which fits so nicely with the colors of the bird. And in addition you got a marvelous attitude!

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much Roy, Frank and Chris.
Certainly a little bird with spirit Chris.