Monday, 25 April 2011

Down the Lane Osprey!

We have a local treat at the moment an Osprey visiting nearby Wykeham Lakes where unfortunately you can only visit with a fishing permit.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:00pm I was down the lane on the west side of the lakes looking for Blackcaps, when I looked behind me and managed a couple of shots of a slow flying raptor, an Osprey. Checking Birdguides I found an Osprey reported at 11:30am at the Lakes. 

This morning the Osprey was reported again at 9:00am so we went straight down the road that our cottage is off and at the bottom of the road a group of birders had the Osprey sighted on a telegraph pole.

All shots very much record shots, I do not remember that the telegraph pole was leaning, oh well must hold the camera straight!


Roy said...

Great shots Mike, thats a real treat to see an Osprey.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

We have been very lucky Roy, this bird was about 10 minutes walk from my house!
Only record shots but one day I want to get up close and personal.