Monday, 7 April 2008

Birds eye view of a _ _ _ well Redshank

A visit yesterday to North Cave YWT was a bonus as listening to the forecast Saturday I thought the week end was going to be a write off.

The Black Bellied Dipper has disappeared - missed it.

Garganey at Filey Dams been at least 4 x's -not seen it.

Siberian Chiffchaff - missed it Thursday, Saturday two chaps said it was low down in the Hawthorn just above the water line opposite the hide - missed it.

Get my drift, now begin to know why I have never gone for rarerities much before. At least I am making more effort.

Anyway, early Sunday was nice and sunny so off we go to North Cave via raptor viewing between Warter and Nunsburnholme.

It was really pleasant in the sun between one or two snow flurries/showers.

No great pictures to be had everything fairly distant but many small birds in the hedgerows and the usual stalwarts on the pools. I like North Cave and it should get even better when the site is extended, the excavations for the new scrapes are quite impressive.

Anyway I am in a hide and this Redshank was directly below so I had a birds eye view of this bird.

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