Monday, 14 April 2008

North York Moors

Went to Newtondale Forest yesterday and saw a large flock of Crossbills and Siskin feeding in Elder trees.

As the weather was inclement we traveled onto the Pickering to Whitby Moor Road and found a number of Golden Plover in the large field where you access the Roman Road on Wheeldale Moor. The birds are in beautiful golden plumage at the moment. When a flock took to the air I counted at least 40.

Also present was Curlew and Woodcock making it's call. We then saw several Woodcock flying and dropping down into the grasses.

Meadow Pipits present and good numbers of Lapwings. Further up the road towards Whiby there was Red Grouse very near the roadside where I pictured the female and her mate. Love those feathery legs.


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