Sunday, 20 April 2008


This confiding bird was in the Willow on the board walk to the East Hide at Filey Dams this afternoon.

I could not believe it as the bird was not in the slightest bothered by people and was in the Willow both sides of the path just above head height and closer.

The light was very difficult and in getting more light into the picture I ended up on too slow a speed and ruining many efforts. The camera struggled to focus on the greenish bird in green willow sapplings at times.

I have to be well pleased though that I managed to capture shots of a bird that have always been very distant before. I usually hear Goldcrest a lot but seldom see them.

A chap said, 'it was probably an influx bird that had dropped in'. Don't know if this is true but this Goldcrest was unlike any I have come accross before.


Little Brown Job said...

Lovely shots, still never seen one of these myself but I gather they aren't the easiest of birds to capture.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks Paul.
They are a favorite of mine, but never had much luck photography wise.