Friday, 11 April 2008

Stuck in the middle _ _ _ _

Mandarin to the left of me _ _ _

Garganey to the right _ _ _ _

Another trip to Filey Dams fianlly paid off today with the male Garganey showing well all day.
At first it was dabbling round the weed to the right hand side side of the main pool before resting on the bank to the right.

The bonus was a male Mandarin which was in the other corner to the left side of the main pool and showed on the 'burr' briefly when I got the pictures of it.

I returned after an hour at the Country Park to find the drake Garganey swimming around with the Teal and other ducks.

The Garganey is a smashing bird, but it was great to see the Mandarin as well.

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