Thursday, 5 March 2009

End of the Pier

Following on from my previous posting looking for Purple Sandpiper the sole find was this lone Turnstone.
I thought people farther afield from Scarborough might like to see the recent sculpture addition beyond the lighthouse of a 'bathing belle'. I cannot remember the proper name for the piece. What do you think, please let me know.

The turnstone was a bonus heading away from the light tower, hope you like it, perhaps the composition is all wrong but I like it with the small 'dandelion flower'.

The only problem is that this is the second year running I have taken pictures of Turnstone at Scarborogh Harbour only to find one of the birds had one foot. Perhaps this is the same bird and I am going round in circles, the harbour is certainly a dangerous place with lots of fishing nets etc., I suspect that its discarded fishing lines and bait. If this is the case its a great pity for the sake of taking home what you came with.


Chris said...

Hi Mike,
I kind of like the sculpture... It looks like it is welcoming every travelers that will come to your region.
The first turnstone picture is wonderful with a good sharpness and a good background, we do not even see that this is the well-known one-legged turnstone of yours ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well if that is the case, at least the Turnstone is still alive and looks healthy Mike.

hockeyboy150 said...

I like the sculpture Mike and the photograph does it justice with your composition.
I too have seen the one legged Turnstone, I feel certain that there is more than one in the vicinity, like Roy says though it looks healthy otherwise.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thnks very much for your comments Chris, Roy and Vince.
I agree and think the sculpture is well placed beyond the light house.

steve w said...

i regularly encounter turnstone on the harbour with feet missing. they seem to get fishing wire caught around them and eventually the foot must fall off. one day this winter i counted five birds (out of about 40 present) with missing feet! at least they seem to survive! i collect loads of fishing wire each winter on the harbour. i like to think i may have saved the odd foot or two! steve w