Friday, 13 March 2009


A day off work enabled me to get down to Scarborough Castle Headland reasonably early, well ok it was after eight 'O' clock.

I was not disappointed after a few minutes looking up while still in the car there was a Peregrine returning to the cliff face holding onto a carcass that was well opened up and bloody.

I thought the Peregrine would not be going anywhere for a while and for ten minutes that was true but I was surprised to see it take off again carcass in its talons and circle out over the sea. The other Peregrinne went to meet it, I was looking through my viewfinder (no pictures) but was sure there was a pass or attempted pass.

The Peregrine then came back into the headland with the carcase held below, that's when I obtained the pictures. I am not sure what happened but it was great watching.


Lynmiranda said...

Fantastic pictures Mike!

Roy said...

Water Rails, now Peregrine Mike, your doing so well.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much Lyn & Roy.
We are blessed to have Peregrine here in Scarborough and at the moment its a great view.
When the town gets busier with visitors it's time to keep away!
The parking charges are now back at Marine Drive from 9.00am another good reason.!

Chris said...

Mike, this is a fantastic set of pictures... Wooow and now you know where is the nest so you can follow it... Very good pictures, really well captured.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much Chris, I will visit the area again soon hopefully.

Little Brown Job said...

Wonderful sequence of shots Mike.