Saturday, 14 January 2012

Drake Goosander

When I went to Scarborough Mere to view the Red Crested Pochard I was informed that Goosander was present, I did not have enough time after picturing the Pochard so on Thursday lunch time, my first chance, I went to take a peek.

Fortunately the Goosanders were still present, five birds in total, four of which were drakes. Goosanders are members of the saw bill family, the serrated edge of their bill enable them to hold onto oily fish underwater.

The pictures are purely record shots as the birds were always to distant but I like the size comparison in the shot with the Black Headed Gull.

Today (Saturday) we looked again for the Waxwings (10 were back at B & Q car park yesterday) but no sightings, we went for the Med Gulls at Holbeck car park, I threw my bread, no Med Gulls came. We went to a Barn Owl sight but did not see them but a fantastic male Hen Harrier went close by. Another first for the year was a male Bullfinch on the lane to our house.

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Chris said...

I'm eager to see them back over here but still not seen any. With the cold and the huge amount of snow we have, they are gone from Reykjavik but I used to see some around usually. Beautiful shots Mike.