Monday, 9 January 2012

A few additions _ _ _ _ _

The last few days have seen only a few additions to our year list but they have been real treats.

On Saturday we went around Scarborough Mere but did not see the Red Crested Pochard that has been present over the last few weeks. From Friday I saw a report of 6 Waxwings outside Halfords, we tried a couple of times on Saturday, I went up and down the length of the retail park saw other birders but no Waxwings. Later that day Bird Guides said there were 7 Waxwings briefly outside B & Q at 2:00pm, we were around at that time.

Yesterday we went to an East Yorkshire reserve, the day produced only 13 additions to our measly year total. We seemed to bomb out as there were no waders other than Redshank. The additions though included Goldcrest, Tree Creeper, Smew (Red Headed), Short Eared Owl, Shoveller, Gadwell, Song Thrush.

Ironically the car park was the highlight as we got good views of Treecreepers going around the base of trees. Unfortunately, it was very dark for photography. A pair of Goldcrest were flitting around with the males crest looking dramatically orangy, a real treat, a record shot is posted to try and show the brilliant top knot.

I saw a Black Redstart was seen on North Marine Drive under the Castle Headland yesterday so I went for a quick look at lunchtime. I could not believe my luck as it was precisely in the same spot with a male Stonechat. The Redstart was flighty and I only got glimpses the Redstart showed a bit better, perching up on some big boulders from a recent rock fall. There is a big wall at the foot of the cliff (obviously designed to stop those rocks pitching into the road), birding is not easy peering over that!


John said...

Some nice birds there Mike! Particularly envious of the Black Redstart, a lovely bird!

Roy said...

A nice little collection Mike, all in one birding excursion.

JRandSue said...

Great set Mike,hope you have a great 2012,happy birding.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks John, Black Redstart early in the year is good.
Thanks Roy.
Many thanks John.

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