Monday, 2 January 2012

A very slow start

Eleven days holidays, where as it all gone, back to work tomorrow. A combination of circumstances and very dark days has conspired against us for birding and photography.

Yesterday, first day of the year was no mad rush around to start the list the weather was awful and dark from early onwards. Surprise first bird of the year was a pheasant under our bird feeders, a new one in that place for we are in an enclosed yard in the middle of the village. Whilst, there has been a pair of pheasants around the area for sometime I have never seen one in the yard before. The best place for them too as all you heard here yesterday was the crack of damned shotguns from the surrounding fields.

I had to walk up to my father-in-laws flat and got a great view of a Sparrowhawk flying just over head which was a good start.

It has been nice light today and we had a short run out (jobs to get back to) but we saw a Red Breasted Goose with four Barnacle Geese amongst the Canada's and Greylag at Harwood Dale Lake.

This Marsh Tit was photographed at a local beauty spot. I am not happy with the result and aim to return and spend a bit of time there when the light is right and work permits. This location is no good once the leaves appear.


biker-bri said...

Hi Mike I have just spent a pleasant hour reading your blog and viewing your photographs. Birdwatching is a new hobby to me and to be honest I never thought that it would be so interesting, at the moment I am only visiting my local park to watch the wildfowl and try my hand at photographing them. If you can, check out my blog at any tip,s would be welcom. Kind regards Brian.

Little Brown Job said...

Nice way to start the year Mike, hard to see how you can better those. We've been stuck in the same boat with any free time being met with awful weather until today, hoping for some sunny winter weekends!

Roy said...

Hi Mike, lovely Marsh Tit shots. I always have to study this species to make sure its not a Willow Tit.
Have a great 2012.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much for your comments Brian, Paul & Roy. We could do with some bright weekends Paul, here's hoping! There was a good number of Marsh Tits Roy. I am no expert when comparing with Willow Tits, I always hope someone can guide me!