Sunday, 22 January 2012

Not much to show!

I have drawn a bit of a blank this week photography wise.

Numerous visits to B&Q but whilst others have got sightings and even good pictures of the Waxwing flock that has been present for the last couple of weeks my visits have not coincided with there brief stays. The flock has varied, originally 7, slowly up to 12, 6 yesterday, I would be grateful of one!

I did add Mistle thrush to my year list today as I spent another half hour on the retail park.

A tour around local lanes today produced, not a lot but the early sun, followed by dark clouds (whilst at B&Q) transformed again to lovely afternoon sunshine.

My desperation for new blog pictures led to the local bird feeding station and these shots at high ISO when the sun started to brighten. Nothing out the ordinary but these common birds are still beauties.


Roy said...

These are brilliant Mike, such clarity.

Christian said...

I completely empathise with you about your day - sometimes the cloud seem to follow you as if you were in a cartoon! Nonetheless, excellent little bird shots with lovely BGs Mike.

John said...

Love the Blue Tit Mike! Very good!

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much Roy, Christian and John.
My favourite is the Blue Tit John.

Chris said...

I love your not too much to show!!! Cause I would be more than happy with these shots you are presented today. These are wonderful pictures Mike and even if they are of common birds in your area, I don't see them often in a year ;-) Well done my friend...

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Thanks very much Chris. I hope some come your way.

biker-bri said...

Detail is superb even with high ISO.
It,s the small birds I am having trouble with, I am just not quick enough - by the time I see it then focus on it, it,s gone! still practice makes perfect.
I enjoyed my first visit to a RSPB reserve on Thursday a review is on my blog.
Regards Bri

rachelle vance photography said...

Fantastic bird photography!! I look forward to following your blog :-)